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Make Your Yard Beautiful and Safe With Our Efficient Tree Service in Dale, TX

There are many reasons to have trees in your yard. They provide shade, buffer noise from the streets, and can also increase your property value. On top of that, they improve water and air quality and prevent soil erosion. However, there are also motives for you to want a tree removed from your property. Turn to Naranjal Tree Service for professional assistance. We are skilled arborists who provide tree service that is second to none. If you live in Dale, TX, find out how efficient our services are by reading the specifics below. 

Choose from These Services:

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Proper tree planting is integral to the beauty and value of your home. Our contractor offers services for residential and commercial properties. We make sure the job is carried out correctly and comply with the following factors when planting various tree species:

  • Local weather conditions
  • Regional pests and diseases
  • Soil conditions

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Our team has the skills and experience to trim and maintain even large and mature specimens. Our technicians can ensure the aesthetic appearance and safety of your trees by cutting away dead, dying, diseased, overcrowded, or hazardous limbs. Proper tree trimming also prevents storm damage to your property and provides you with a beautiful, healthy yard.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Trees can become a dangerous obstacle at some point in their life. With our professional removal services, you can ensure your family’s safety without a hitch. Using high-end tools and special tree cutting machines, we can eliminate large and hazardous species that touch the power lines, droop over your roof, or threaten to damage your property in general.

Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping
Our arborists can eliminate and chip the tree stumps in your yard regardless of their size using efficient grinders. Do you have a fireplace or wood stove in the house? Then, our contractor can also assist you with special wood chips for your heating system. We will utilize the remaining tree branches, roots, and stumps you no longer want and cut them into wood chips with a wood chipper.

Other Services

Feel free to reach our local company for professional landscaping and lawn services, as well. Using our experience, vision, and creativity, we will come to edge your flower beds, remove any weeds, or mow your lawn to the appropriate height. If you need expert advice from a landscape designer, give us a call. We also provide quality garden design, snow removal, and sod installation services. 

Plenty of Benefits

Keeping your yard, plants, and property safe is our number one goal. Our services are beneficial through regular maintenance and pruning, young tree planting, and comprehensive garden design and yard upkeep. Our tree removal experts ensure your specimens are structurally sound and aesthetically desirable. With our trained specialists working in your yard, you do not have to invest in tools and equipment, either. 

The Exact Plan

As a diligent tree contractor, we want our customers to be 100% pleased with our work. For this purpose, you can rely on us for 24/7 emergency services, free estimates, and customer satisfaction guarantees. Studying all the factors in your yard, we will propose the most suitable maintenance roster with regular visits to keep your trees and garden in impeccable condition. 

Popular in These Surrounding Locations As Well

Our high-quality landscaping, wood chipping, lawn care, and snow removal services are well-known not just in Dale, TX, but in these additional areas as well:

  • Mustang Ridge, TX
  • Buda, TX
  • Lockhart, TX
  • Hornsby Bend, TX
  • Shady Hollow, TX

If you wish to speak with a tree expert, reach us today. Naranjal Tree Service will help keep your home or business attractive and safe. 

Client’s Testimonial

by Jimmy G. on Naranjal Tree Service
Great Professionals to Work With

Frankly, I couldn't be more satisfied with the work of this impeccable tree contractor. They come to my property for routine tree pruning, and I am extremely grateful for their adequate tree service. I am recommending them to everyone in the neighborhood.

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